MyUbike on-demand delivery service

The best way to have an item delivered to and from you at the click of a button. Much like Uber, for deliveries.


Why use MyUbike


Request a delivery at the clik of a button and an agent near you will call within 2 minutes*


All riders are thoroughly reviewed by our team before they are allowed to make ay delivery.


You can be assured that our agents are reliable. Any issue that arises is immediately known to us.

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What can our app do?


Rider close to you

Based on your location, we assign a rider closer to you.

There are times where things can be urgent and need to be done as quickly as possible. Considering that, MyUbike only chooses riders that are close to you so it can be as quick as possible to pick up the item form you.

If the item is to be picked up from someone else and brought to you, then we assign a rider who is closer to the pickup point.

Riders are tracked on duty

All riders' location is monitored while they're on duty.

As a measure of safety, all riders that are on duty are tracked by the rider app and monitored realtime in a control room. Because riders are people who download the app and work at their convenience, we can monitor them only when on duty. This allows us to easily spot safety issues.

As a result, if anything were to happen to your package, we know where the rider is or was.


Realtime Monitoring

All activity is monitored in a control room.

Every request received is monitored and viewed by a team in a control room. This ensures that we have control over all deliveries and requests. We want to protect customers and riders alike.

By doing this, we ensure that no dangerous request is accepted and no rider can deviate from the dropoff route.

Safe hours

MyUbike app does not operate after 10pm local time.

To reduce risks, MyUbike does not allow you to make a request after 10 PM in your local time. This allows us to prevent potential crimes planned using our app. We encourage anyone to be very cautious when using any on-demand service at night or day regardless. While we have every rider on file with their ID, we can never predict certain things.

Please report any rider that has a strange behaviour immediately so we can take action with the corresponding authorities.

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Rider app

Do you have a bike and would like to maek deliveries? The MyUbike Rider app is for you, no boss, no hassle and no working hours. Just work at your convenience.

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    Create an Account

    Creating an account is seamless and simple.

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    Promo codes

    Do you have a promo code? you can use it to have discounts

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    Live track your rider

    You can follow on a map, the progress of the delivery sucha as in the location of the rider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

MyUbike calculates its fees based on distance, time and base tariff. If you have a promo code, you can apply it to get a discount

What payment methods do you accept?

MyUbike accepts cash on delivery. We currently do not support credit card payments, but we are working to add the most secure credit card payment system.

How do I pay the rider?

If the item is being picked up from someone else and delivered to you, you pay the fees at delivery. If the item is being picked up from you and delivered to someone else, you pay the fees before the rider proceeds with delivery. MyUbike will never charge the other person for receiving or sending a package, the only person charged is the one who requests the service.

How can I know that the package is delivered?

The person receiving the package will sign in the rider app once they receive the package. From there, you are assured that the package has been successfully delivered.

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Available for all major mobile platforms.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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